Chair covers for your most beautiful day

One-stop shopping: You can borrow adorable chair covers for your most beautiful day from us as well!

These slip covers are made of noble white artificial silk, which will give the right ambiance to the ceremony or event even more. We have a large number of chair covers ready for you, so we can arrange larger festivities outright too. Whether wedding or event, just let our professional chair covers rental win you over.

We rent out chair covers with and without sachet. A sachet is a charming bow, that can be corded over the chair cover, and adds another visual upgrading to the overall picture.

  • The chair covers used by us are suitable for all prevalent chairs without arm rests, i.e. there are no different sizes to choose from.
  • Slip covers are usually rented out for a period of 3 days, from Friday 12:00 o'clock to Monday 10:00 o'clock.
  • Slip covers as sole rental goods are rented out by us exclusively for pickup by the customer, self montage and personal return. In case a fully equipped wedding or event is booked from us, delivery and fitting by us on-site is possible as well. Unfortunately shipping of slip covers is not provided.
  • The rental rate per slip cover for the mentioned period is 2,99 EUR incl. 20% VAT, with fitting by us 3,99 EUR incl. 20% VAT.
  • The surcharge for the sachet is 1,00 EUR incl. 20% VAT for each slip cover.
  • For booking 50% of the total amount has to be remitted as down-payment, otherwise the desired date can not be set for you.
  • A cash deposit of 3,00 EUR for each slip cover and 1,00 EUR for each sachet is required on pickup.
  • We do not offer individual quotations. All mentioned prices are valid independently of the order size.
  • An official photo identification has to be presented at pickup, otherwise delivery of the rental goods is not possible.
  • Standard cleaning of the slip covers is already included in the rental price, damaged or unusual severe polluted slip covers, which make further use impossible, will have to be charged with each 20,00 EUR incl. 20% VAT in addition. This also applies for missing or not timely returned slip covers.
  • We ask for your understanding, that we can not ship a sample slip cover for inspection in advance due to the organizational effort involved. However a demonstration in our shop is possible without any problems after making an appointment, as well as the personal pickup of a slip cover as a trial if required.

If interested please use the contact form located below to submit your inquiry to us. We will then contact you immediately. We ask for your understanding that consultation by telephone to this is not possible in our shop.

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