You want to send flowers to someone in the area of Linz?

No problem, our flower delivery service will gladly do it for you!

General information to delivery of flowers:

  • The minimum order amount is 50 EUR incl. 13% VAT.
  • The greeting card, which we will fill out with the desired text in your name, is already included.
  • Delivery in the downtown area of Linz is free, for remote destinations delivery charges may apply.
  • Delivery is done mornings.
  • With payment method "bank transfer" you will get a copy of the invoice with the transfer details immediately after placing your order by e-mail.

If interested please use the contact form located below to submit your inquiry to us. We will then contact you immediately.

The contact form has a lot of fields, as well as already a field "Invoice address". Please do not let this confuse you, it is NOT an order form, a complete data acquisition however helps to simply convert an inquiry into an order after our personal consultation, without the need to have it resubmitted.

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